Makeup Tutorial: Viseart Theory Palette 06 - Absinthe

Makeup Tutorial: Viseart Theory Palette 06 - Absinthe

Mar 29th 2018

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Follow our step by step guide for creating this beautiful look showcasing the  VISEART Theory Palette 06: ABSINTHE, which includes three classic matte shades in soft beige, bark and forest green and three transformative shades in golden-light shimmer, celadon crystal and emerald metallic.


Blog Detailing Step 1


Prep eye lids with VISEART Seamless Shadow Primer using ESUM T43 Medium Flat Eye Brush. Apply sparingly across the eye lid and blend upward towards the brow. Let set for 5 seconds before shadow application. 


Blog Detailing Step 2


  1. Apply SHADE 1 over the entire eye area using ESUM G29 Medium Shadow Brush.
  2. Apply SHADE 3 over the eye contour bone using ESUM S33 Medium Round Eye Contour Brush in a windshield wiper motion. Blend with ESUM G29.
  3. Use SHADE 5 at the outer eye lid to shade the eye using ESUM W21 Small Filbert Shader Brush.
  4. Press SHADE 4 from the inner eye lid to the middle of the lid using ESUM W21.
  5. Use SHADE 5 with a damp ESUM T05 Square Liner Brush and press along top lash line to define the eyes.
  6. Apply SHADE 3 on the bottom lash line from the outer corner inward using ESUM T09 Liner Diffuser Brush.


  1. Accent the bottom center of the lower lash line with SHADE 6 using ESUM T09 for a smokier look.
  2. Accent the outer lid by layering SHADE 6 using ESUM W21 for a shimmering bejeweled look.
  3. Highlight the inner corner with SHADE 2 using ESUM W21.


Blog Structure Step 4


  1. Using VISEART Theory Blush Palette 02: ABLAZE, add a touch of blush with SHADE 2 along the cheek bone using ESUM G53 Medium Dome Blush Brush.
  2. Highlight above the cheek bone, on the bridge of nose and on the bow of lips with SHADE 1 using ESUM G53.


  1. Shade and/or bronze around the cheek bones, forehead and jawline using SHADE 3 and ESUM Brush G53.


Blog Structure Step 4


  1. Line lips with KEVIN AUCOIN Lip Pencil in NEUTRAL and blend liner onto lips to avoid a hard line using ESUM T20 Square Retractable Lip Brush.
  2. Using VISEART Lip Palette 01: MUSE NUDES, apply a lip color of your choice. The first row of four shades have a warm peach undertone. The second row is more neutral to olive and the bottom row shades have a pink / plum undertone.


  1. After applying lip color, blot lips with tissue and apply a sheer application of VISEART Seamless Setting Powder. Follow with a second coat of lip color for extended wear.


Makeup Artist: Alphonse Wiebelt
Muse: Chloe Palmer
Model Photographer: Lorraine Young