Posted by Muse Beauty on Jan 19th 2016

viseart structure

Introducing a universal brow palette created for an array of eyebrow looks from the most natural enhancement to the most dramatic designs.

Nine brow defining matte pigment shades The powder pigments have been specially formulated to balance color payoff for eyebrows in a range of hues to work with a full spectrum of hair shades for blond, brunette, auburn to black. This palette has been thoughtfully edited and easily customizes to the ever changing needs of brow art, facial hair enhancement to eye shading.

Three shades of a semi-hard brow wax The brow wax is sheer in pigment and designed to be used as a primer for sparse areas of the eyebrow to create depth.

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Q: What type of eyebrow look can this palette create?
A: This palette offers a wide range of looks from the ombre brow, a signature flat brow to a naturally enhanced brow - it's all in the hands of the artist.

Q: What is the difference between eye shadow and brow pigment?
A: Brow powders contain less pigment than an eye shadow. This gives the option to define the eyebrow from soft and natural to dramatic.

Q: Can the brow pigments also be used as eye shadow?
A: Yes - the matte pigments work beautifully for eye shading. The payoff will be more sheer than traditional shadow, but the finished look is beautiful.

Q: Why is a wax & powder medium a good option for defining eyebrows?
A: A wax medium offers a base or primer to help the powder pigment to adhere to the skin for longer wear. When the wax is tinted, it can also create the base or root allowing the powder pigments to become the highlight for a natural looking brow.

Q: Does the wax take the place of a brow pencil?
A: No. A makeup artist should have both in their kit. The wax will cross over to most needs, but a fine point brow pencil offers the ability to draw in individual hair where needed.

Q: What is the difference between a 'brow-dip" and a brow wax?
A: A brow dip traditionally is a cream to powder formula, it is just a different base medium. A brow wax usually has a tactical viscosity offering a wider range of options from a brow pomade for hair control to a base for brow pigments.

Q: What is the best way to fill-in sparse areas of a brow?
A: Apply the brow wax directly to the area of the brow missing hair. Brush the wax directly onto the skin than set the wax with one of the coordinating brow pigments to shape and define the brow.

Q: What type of brush is best to use on eyebrows?
A: Ideally a stiff course hair brush made of Badger hair is most coveted by makeup artist for defining brows, like the ESUM B15. The coarseness of the hair texture has a wider cuticle allowing a controlled pickup and lay-down of powder pigments. For the wax, a synthetic hair angled brush like the ESUM T07, will give a smooth and even application.