Posted by Muse Beauty on May 18th 2015

The much anticipated new VISEART SHADOW PALETTES: 04 DARK MATTE, 07 COOL MATTE, and 08 EDITORIAL MATTES are available at MUSE BEAUTY.PRO! These eyeshadow palettes are a makeup artist must-have. Perfect of bridal, editorial, beauty, runway, fashion and fantasy makeup. The finely milled formulation of these matte palettes offer an application that is always smooth and easily blended. Work dry to wet for bright and bold or deep and subtle liners. Shadows are always true to color, richly pigmented, and long wearing.

Both professional and health conscious, VISEART is made without petroleum, parabens, silicone, butylene glycol or propylene glycol, phthalates, fragrance or artificial dyes. All VISEART SHADOWS are encased in their signature slimline pro palette. Learn more about VISEART COSMETICS.

Viseart Dark Matte1


VISEART SHADOW PALETTE: 04 DARK MATTE contains a variety of shades in warm and cool matte pigments. From aubergine and royal blue to ochre and burnt sienna this palette has a full spectrum of rich hues. Essential for working on medium to deep skin tones for dramatic looks.


Viseart Dark Matte2

VISEART SHADOW PALETTE: 04 includes fawn, walnut, marsala, burnt sienna, aubergine, blackberry, saffron, burnt orange, royal blue, lapis, evergreen and ochre. MAKEUP TIPS: * Pair with the VISEART SHADOW PALETTE: 05 SULTRY MUSE for shimmering hues. * Dampen the tip of a fine round liner makeup brush with water and apply shadow from the palette for a bold wing liner. * Appy with sable makeup brushes for full impact color.


Viseart Cool Matte1


VISEART SHADOW PALETTE: 07 COOL MATTE is a compilation of cool eyeshadow shades for delicate to bold makeup looks. Captivating colors in 12 elegant shades for delicate to alluring styles. Created as the sister palette to the VISEART PALETTE: 01 NEUTRAL MATTE with hues requested by makeup artists for TV and Film. For applications from a natural highlight and subtle contour to dramatic smoky eyes this eyeshadow palette has all the cool undertones needed for an array of makeup looks.


Viseart Cool Matte2

VISEART SHADOW PALETTE: 07 includes ecru, heather, malt, taupe, deep ash brown, cool pink, violet red, stormy grey, navy, dusty purple, stone and charcoal. MAKEUP TIPS: * Use with the VISEART SHADOW PALETTE: 06 PARIS NUDES for perfectly paired satin eyeshadows. * Apply with soft blue squirrel and goat hair brushes for a sheer application – ideal for delicate natural makeup and time period makeup looks.


Viseart Editorial Matte1


VISEART SHADOW PALETTE: 08 EDITORIAL MATTES is a collection of vivid pigments with a bold and rich color payoff. These electrifying colors are ideal for editorial, runway to fantasy makeup. Created for the professional makeup artist, this collection of strongly pigmented and edited hues are housed in one compact for ease of organization and use. Perfect for light to deep skin tones.


Viseart Editorial Matte2

VISEART SHADOW PALETTE: 08 EDITORIAL MATTES includes white, chartreuse, emerald green, teal, hot pink, vivid orange, canary yellow, sky blue, red, fuchsia, royal purple and cerulean blue. MAKEUP TIPS: * Adjust neutral shadows using this palette as color theory. For example add red to a brown shadow to give more warmth. * Dampen the tip of a fine round liner makeup brush with water and apply shadow from the palette for a bright wing liner. * Pair with VISEART GEL LINER for strong contrast at the base of the lash line.


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