Esum S31 - Small Tapered Eye Contour Brush

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ESUM S31- SMALL TAPERED EYE CONTOUR MAKEUP BRUSH: Created for precision shading. Made from soft goat hair for a sheer application of powder mediums. Size: Hair Length 10mm, Full Length 178mm, Diameter 9mm.

ESUM Makeup Brushes are a premium collection of professional tools relied upon by makeup artists and coveted by beauty mavens. Our range of brush styles offers variation in shape, size and hair texture for eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyebrows, foundation, contouring, blush and powder. From natural hair to synthetic vegan fibers each hair type is chosen for the ideal lay-down of makeup to support all professional makeup mediums, including cream, gel, liquid, powder and wax. Each brush is handmade and features eco-friendly cured birch handles with platinum bowed brass ferrules. ESUM Brushes are available at professional makeup stores and salons worldwide.

A small precision eyeshadow brush. Perfect to apply shadow precisely in the crease of the eye or for a cut crease look. Apply shadow to the tip of the brush and sweep back and forth in the crease using the “windshield wiper” technique. Also perfect for applying and blending shadow along the lower lash line. Ideal for use with a powder medium.
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    I Do Not Get the Price Point

    Posted by S.A Stevens on Oct 1st 2019

    These handles look and feel just like It Brushes for Ulta. The bristles are not soft; they feel scratchy on the lids. I do not get the price point on these. They certainly are not worth it. This was a free gift with purchase. I would never purchase these on my own as these are WAY overpriced.

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    Posted by NativeNewYorker on Apr 1st 2019

    I picked up 5 of the Esume Brushes. I was eager to try the line, and it was money well spent. Each one works better than I expected and in spite of owning many other professional/high end brushes, I have not been able to stop using these since they arrived. They are a joy to work with, clean up beautifully and I look forward to picking up more to add to my kit, and for my own personal use. The S31 is a must have. The tip is incredibly soft, holds shadow beautifully, and is great for contouring or applying shadow under the lash line without irritating sensitive eyes.. I highly recommend.

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    Posted by Leslie on Apr 16th 2018

    Love that this only gets in the crease and no where else!