A guide to selecting the perfect Lashes In A Box for your eye type.

A guide to selecting the perfect Lashes In A Box for your eye type.

Posted by Celeste Misa on Jan 25th 2019

With a variety of false lashes, lengths and shapes, how do you determine which style suits your eye shape best? Follow our guide below to learn which of these 13 new styles from LASHES IN A BOX compliments your personal eye shape and why.

Balanced Eyes

For Balanced Eyes - This eye shape has a visible lid, crease and brow bone. With this eye shape, the goal is to enhance the dimension in the eye by making the eyes appear balanced.

Natural: LASHES IN A BOX No°32 is a medium to long length, double-layered flare lash with more of a wispy style that will provide dimension to this eye shape. The double-layered style adds more of a 3D effect to this lash, which is great for achieving dimension and fullness.

In-between: LASHES IN A BOX No°27 is the ultimate elegant yet dramatic option. Not too natural or dramatic, it embodies a traditional flare style and is double-layered with medium and long tapered criss-crossed hair.

Dramatic: Meet LASHES IN A BOX No°33, a full and dramatic lash. Also double layered for dimension, it gives the balanced eye incredible dimension with its extra long hairs.

Deep Set Eyes

For Deep Set Eyes - This eye shape has a stronger brow bone where the eye lid is set back. The goal is to bring the crease forward to appear less deep. False lashes on this eye shape can often get lost due to a stronger brow bone, so wearing a longer more dramatic lash will help accentuate your eyes.

Natural: LASHES IN A BOX No°23 are the perfect balance of flirty and feathery. With a short to medium length, this is perfect for one who may not want all the drama, but still want to suit this eye shape.
Dramatic: LASHES IN A BOX No°31 are ideal for dramatic and feathery looking false lash for deep set eyes. The mix of long and extra long hairs will add maximum lash length and volume.

Prominent Eyes

For Prominent Eyes - This eye shape had an eye lid that is dominant and a receding brow bone. The goal is to minimize the eye lid. This eye shape tends to be big and bright on its own, so focusing on more of a natural short to medium length will be add the perfect amount of soft definition.

Natural: LASHES IN A BOX No°22 is the perfect elegant, natural lash for this eye shape. It will provide the right amount of flair with its short and medium criss-crossed hair.

Dramatic: LASHES IN A BOX No°30 provides more of a medium and long length, with a wispier effect to ensure just the right amount of drama without being too strong for this eye shape.

Heavy Eyes

For Heavy Eyes - This eye shape doesn't have a visible crease and there is minimal lid showing. The goal is to add depth that will open the eye up in the center, giving a brighter eyed illusion.

Natural: LASHES IN A BOX No°29 is a wispy, flirty traditional round style designed with a variety of short, medium, and long tapered criss-crossed hairs. Because of the variety in length, the medium and long hairs will open up the eyes in the center, while the small length keeps it looking natural.

Dramatic: LASHES IN A BOX No°25 is a unique demi-sectional, double-layered lash with long wispy hairs that will open up the eyes at the center just perfectly. The distinctive aspect of this lash is that it can be applied in sections, or as a strip lash. This lash would also suit deep set eyes well because of its length.

Flat Eyes

For Flat Eyes- This eye has a flat brow bone, with little to no distinction between the eye lid and the crease. The goal is to open up the eyes using more of a flare shaped lash or rounded shape lash. There are a couple different lash styles that would suite this eye shape.

Natural: LASHES IN A BOX No°21 is the perfect starter option for those with a flat eye shape to get a taste of a super natural lash. The blend of short and medium length hairs with its rounded shape give a slight, classic touch of fullness.

Natural: LASHES IN A BOX No°24 has a blend of short, medium, and long hairs is great because the variety in length brings just the right amount of dimension for one seeking more dimension to this eye shape. The flair style will help elongate the eye.

In between: Also flared, LASHES IN A BOX No°28 is a great option for not too dramatic, but not too natural of a lash because of its medium and long criss-crossed hair.

Dramatic: Also flared, LASHES IN A BOX No°26 has a blend of medium and long criss-crossed hairs, thus giving the lash more fullness and elongating this eye shape beautifully.

Lash Application Techniques

Step 1: 

Curl your eyelashes using the KEVYN AUCOIN Eyelash Curler. The red rubber pad was made for a clear visibility of the eyelashes. Then follow with a light coat of mascara. Try the KEVYN AUCOIN Curling Mascara.

Step 2:

Measure each lash to your eye and trim if needed. Ensuring that the lash fits properly will help you achieve the most suitable lash along with an easy application and a comfortable wear. To trim the lash, use the ESUM Pro Detailing Scissors and approach the outer corner of the lash. Trimming the length and inner corners will affect the lash's overall style, so stick to trimming the outer corners only. Reassess the new shape and move on to glueing the lash.

Step 3:

Pick up the lash using the ESUM Precision Lash Applicator and start by brushing on the CALLAS Lash Adhesive to the lash band. This waterproof adhesive dries clear and is latex-free. Wait about 30 seconds for the adhesive to become tacky. Place the eyelash onto your lash band using the ESUM Precision Lash Applicator for maximum visibility and control.

Step 4:

Use the ESUM T11 Mascara Fan Brush to blend your natural lashes into the false lashes. Place a light coat of mascara on the tips of the fan brush and blend upwards starting at the base of the natural lash. Also ideal for adding color to bottom lashes.