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The glitterati has arrived at MUSE BEAUTY.PRO - Luxe glitter paste & pomades create the ultimate makeup medium of reflective textures. Created by Los Angeles based makeup artist - Megan Dugan, LEMONHEAD.LA - launched at Coachella in 2016 creating an immediate cult following from celebrity makeup artists, hair stylists and it-girl squads. Each shade is handcrafted in small batches offering a unique blend of visionary ingenuity from vegan-based formulas to a reflective cocktail in color blends and shapes. From the coveted rose-gold paste, MULHOLLAND for red carpet ingenues to the blood-red shimmering paste, ROOSEVELT for Grammy's music icons, shimmering textured eyemakeup is all the rage.

lemonhead-jamsquad250.jpg SPACEJAM a multi-textured pomade of glitter, sequins, stars & hex are ideal for hair & body applications. From painted scalps, textured twist & braids, iced finger waves to glistening beards, creativity with high-impact makes a statement with LEMONHEAD. lemonhead-pastesquad250.jpg SPACEPASTE a glitter gel makeup, ideal for eye, face & lip applications. From shimmering eye liner, textured lids to 3D lip shine, these pastes dry quickly, self-seal & stay put.