Lemonhead GlowJam Electric Daisy

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LEMONHEAD.LA GLOWJAM - ELECTRIC DAISY: This alternative bright yellow glitter balm with UV base gives a glowing sparkle in the presence of blacklight and a full coverage blend of bold sparkle and matte neon pigments in natural light. For artistic use on FACE+HAIR+BODY. Infused with essential oils and good vibes. Vegan, Cruelty Free and handcrafted in Los Angeles, CA. Contains 15ml.

Note: This shade has a mix of cosmetic and craft glitter including larger sequin and hex. Be mindful if using near eyes. By purchasing you are accepting responsibility for any unforeseen circumstances.

Apply with brush or finger. Let dry for 30 seconds to set in place. Removes with water or makeup remover. Note: This shade has a mix of cosmetic and craft glitter, be mindful if using near eyes.