Lemonhead SpaceJam Midnight Society

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LEMONHEAD.LA SPACEJAM - MIDNIGHT SOCIETY - The most metallic of all SPACEJAMS - 5 galactic hues and moons with a base hue of platinum and purple sparkle. Complimentary to any hair color.

SPACEJAM is a multi-use product of intensely concentrated glitter pomade ideal for hair and body applications. Apply with brush or finger. Dries quickly sealing glitter particles in place with little to no fall-out. Removes with water or makeup remover. 100% Vegan. Cruelty-Free. Handcrafted in Los Angeles. Contains .6 oz.

Note: This shade has a mix of cosmetic and craft glitter including larger moons.  Be mindful if using near eyes. By purchasing you are accepting responsibility for any unforeseen circumstances.

HAIR APPLICATIONS: SPACEJAM can be applied with fingers or brush in dry or damp hair, eyebrows, or beards depending on style. Paint on and let dry to set and seal glitter particles. Removes with water and shampoo. FACE & BODY APPLICATIONS: SPACEJAM may also be used on face or body for creative makeup looks. Apply with a synthetic or sable hair brush and pat onto the skin. Let dry to set and seal glitter. Once dried, re-applications will break seal and may cause inconsistent dry-down. Removes with water and makeup remover.