Muse Pro Salon Airbrush Kit


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MUSE PRO SALON AIRBRUSH KIT: The ultimate airbrush kit ideal for the professional artist for salon or studio use. Kit consists of the full line of KETT Hydro foundations and colors & KETT Fixx Creme Palettes for foundation, color correction, or blush. Essentials for setting makeup and applying Fixx Cremes from the ESUM collection of professional tools and accessories also included. Includes: The KETT Jett Airbrush Compressor, KETT Transformer Airbrush, KETT Hydro Foundation Collection (35ml) in a custom KETT Makeup Bag, 6 KETT Hydro Blushes, 4 KETT Hydro Contours, 4 KETT Hydro Shimmers, 6 KETT Hydro Metals, 5 KETT Hydro Color Theory, KETT Sett Compact Powder, KETT Fixx Creme Palettes in Olive, Ruby, Neutral, and Corrector & Hi-Light, Airbrush Cleaning Kit & Airbrush Cleaning Brush Set, ESUM Pro Finishing Puffs S/3, ESUM Brushes T41, T43, T45, T47, V49 and ESUM Pro Makeup Kit Bag. PRO PRICING AVAILABLE.