San Francisco Photo Shoot Master Class

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LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION - Join MUSE BEAUTY Master Class photo shoot for three-days in the San Francisco Bay area. Experience a professional photo shoot from practical application and coaching to the final execution of four portfolio-ready editorial beauty images. You will partner with another attendee and will shoot and assist each day in am and pm sessions. The team will consist of photographer Lorraine Young, art director, professional MUSE mentors, hairstylists and models. You be surrounded by seasoned Pro industry mentors to help coach you each step of the way.

The experience of working with a professional photo shoot team is essential in developing your skills as a team player and building your resume. Learning how to become an assistant as well as being the makeup artist is invaluable. The digital images can be used on your website, portfolio and social media.

During Master Class you will:

  • Choose 2 looks based on your skill level with a MUSE mentor
  • Practice 2 looks with coaching by your MUSE mentor
  • You and your mentor will choose final looks based on skill level
  • Coaching from MUSE mentor during your makeup shoot prep
  • Hands on experience with art director during your shoot time
  • Hands on experience with Photographer during your shoot
  • Experience teamwork during your shoot time: art director, photographer, model, makeup and hair