C3 - Cosmetology Complete Care 32oz

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This product will be available to ship July 20, 2020. 

3C - COSMETOLOGY COMPLETE CARE 32oz: Disinfect and eliminate bacteria from work stations, general surface areas, and beauty products with this 32oz C3 Cosmetology Care—a non-toxic, non-drying water based disinfectant. Its advanced Nano technology is safe for people, plants, pets and the environment. C3 is a EPA registered hospital grade virucide that kills both enveloped and non-enveloped family of viruses. The disinfecting power of C3 has residual value and will continue to eliminate any viruses, bacteria and fungus. C3 is "green" and does not contain dangerous poisons such as bleach, hydrogen peroxide or alcohol. C3 is the standard for providing health and safety to the Cosmetology industry while meeting the highest of state infection control standards nationwide.



Surfaces: Before setting up your working area spray C3 directly on the surface and wipe clean. Then spray 2 to 3 mists approximately 1 to 2 feet away from surface and let air dry. Once dry, lay down a paper towel and begin to set up all tools.

Face Masks: Spray mask thoroughly and let dry for 10 minutes.

Makeup Case/Kit: Maintaining a clean storage area for all of your materials is key. Spray several mists on the interior of you kit approximately 1 to 2 feet away before putting away. This will keep the residual value going so it is ready for the next use.

Brushes: After routine cleaning of makeup brushes, spray 1 to 2 light mists approximately 1 to 2 feet away before putting away. C3 is also great to remove stains—when necessary you can spray each brush directly and wipe clean until stains are removed. 

Sponges or puffs: After routine cleaning of sponges or puffs, spray 1 to 2 light mists approximately 1 to 2 feet away before putting away. Palette and spatula: After your makeup application is complete, spray C3 directly on the spatula and palette to remove any makeup residue and wipe clean.

Airbrushes: Following cleansing of cosmetic products from the airbrush, disinfect with C3 to ensure maximum disinfection. Fill airbrush with C3 and run through the system once.

Pencil sharpener: After sharpening a pencil, spray 1 to 2 mists directly on the sharpener and wipe residual wood chips or cosmetic material away. 

Makeup palettes: Spray 1 to 2 light mists approximately 1 to 2 feet away from the component and let air dry. For quicker drying time, spray C3 in the air and pass product through the mist quickly. Avoid spraying closer than 12 inches from the palette to prevent over saturation. 

Pencils & Lipstick: Apply 1 mist of C3 approximately 1 to 2 feet away and let air dry before putting away. 

C3 is an EPA registered “hospital grade” non-toxic disinfectant. It utilizes an advanced water based nanotechnology with a stabilizing agent to release the disinfecting power of ClO2 (chlorine dioxide). C3 is safe to use on all of your beauty products and tools. It does not contain toxic poisons that may be used in other disinfectants such as: bleach, alcohol, chlorine, ammonia, peroxide and silver or copper ions.