ESUM Gentle Brush Cleaner s formulated to effectively remove all residual makeup and sanitizes without drying or destroying fine makeup brushes. The warm, woodsy aroma of sandalwood adds a calming effect while embracing a lasting, signature aroma. Gentle, effective and conditioning, it doubles with natural antibacterial properties making it ideal for both natural and synthetic makeup brushes. Vegan and cruelty-free.

ESUM + Hand Sanitizer offers an elevated experience with benefits beyond sanitation. This FDA registered formula complies with the CDC with an ultra purified, grain based alcohol proven to naturally disinfect and eliminate 99.9% of germs and viruses. Formulated with a moisturizing cross polymer to avoid drying, its ultra-smooth, non-sticky formula provides an elevated and weightless feel in combination with a warm, grounding scent. The unique blend of warm sandalwood, bois de rose and myrtle essential oil leaves a lasting, impassioning aroma. FDA-registered. Vegan & cruelty-free.